Company > Strengths
  1. Technology: State-of-the-art contemporary technology from Danieli Morgardshammar, Sweden.
  2. The man behind the machine: Mittal Corp Limited recognizes that its people are one of the most important pillars in the progress and success of the company through the years.
    Management therefore follows deliberate policy to develop the potential of the employee to maximize productivity, ensuring transparency, fairness, openness and mutual trust to enhance team work with aim to attract best available talent to become partner in achieving excellence of performance benchmarked against best policies followed globally.
  3. Geographical location of the Plant with cluster of consuming industries of MCL products like Tyer Beat manufacturers, LRPC, PC wire manufacturers and host of wire drawing units besides nearness to Inland Container Depot across the road to facilitate export movement and import of Raw material.
    Major consuming centers are Delhi- NCR, Gujarat, Maharashtra which are enclosing proximately to Pithampur, Indore.
  4. Congenial Labor environment.
  5. Market: Market for the finished goods is available and the consumers will have the advantage of freight besides they can plan the JIT for raw material.